05 december 2008

ABA: ANT's BCI Active X

The ANT NeuroBCI Development Kit allows users to develop their own neurofeedback application, as created in Html/JavaScript, C++, or Matlab. The acquisition can be performed through the ASA or Cognitrace recording modules, or using a direct connection to the EEG amplifier via a dedicated ActiveX control that handles the communication with the amplifier's driver. Included in the NeuroBCI is a simulation control (virtual device) that allows testing of applications without amplifier. Recently we have added support for the FieldTrip buffer, to allow another type of real-time access to the EEG data. In order to have full control of the timing in MATLAB and to implement the processing pipeline in MATLAB, data can be accessed through the FieldTrip buffer program. To read more on this approach or on the FieldTrip toolbox in general, visit the following links: Neuroimaging - Fieldtrip Fieldtrip Buffer

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