26 november 2012

The REEL Guy Cuyvers

Often the "real" golden nuggets are found at our very doorstep. With Guy Cuyvers this is exactly what happened to me. But then again "nugget" is an hell of one understatement. Let's call it a pure diamant. I knew his name since long but only recently discovered what a unique musical genius this man is.  A guitar virtuoso, a creative artists pur sang, a unique talent ..  a composer true grid who will live forever through the music he created.

Sometimes neuropsychiatrist prescibe anti stress medications. Guy's music is 1000 times more efficient. This is pure depth healing for the soul.

Read no more. Get the CD's. Put some logs on the fire, pour a glass of the best wine your cellar may offer and let yourself be carried away on the musical waves and dreamworks of Guy Cuyvers. Have a nice journey !


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