28 augustus 2007

Cognition, Brain and Consciousness

A new handbook on Cognitive Neuroscience "Masterfully organized and comprehensive in its coverage, this textbook will surely be THE introduction to cognitive neuroscience. The contributing authors are highly accomplished experts, and details are deftly selected to illustrate principles as well as to launch the curious reader into the exciting but vast realm of the nervous system. Anatomy, sometimes the bane of introductions to the brain, is gracefully interwoven on a need-to-know basis. In a clever use of IT, the accompanying website provides videos of human patients as well as powerpoint slides for anatomy and physiology. The companion website will be updated regularly with the latest results, and in the open-source tradition, website ideas are solicited from imaginative readers. A powerful pedagogical achievement, and a boon for both the novice and the advanced student."-- Patricia Smith Churchland, ChairUC President's Professor of PhilosophyUniversity of California San Diego, USA "Comprehensive, authoritative and beautifully illustrated, this is a superb introduction to cognitive neuroscience. It is ideally suited as a text to accompany an undergraduate or graduate course. The depth and sophistication of its treatment of key topics make it more than a mere introductory text, though, and it can be read with profit by all with an interest in how the brain supports cognition, whether student or established researcher."--Michael D. Rugg, Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory at the University of California, Irvine, USA

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