18 augustus 2007

Mange your Signals

DSP: Tips and Tricks
From Richard Lyons DSP dragonmaster himself. A noteworthy book for all DSP afficionado's.

A very different DSP book! Tips, tricks of the trade, practical shortcuts, and clever, real-world engineering solutions you didn't learn in school—from a "dream team" of experienced signal-processing professionals

The practicing engineer's need for guidance on how to make DSP work led editor Richard Lyons to create his popular "DSP Tips & Tricks" column in IEEE Signal Processing Magazine. Now, Streamlining Digital Signal Processing collects those articles—each originally written by a different practicing DSP engineer—that have undergone careful editorial review and incorporated feedback from the magazine's readers, and added more explanations, applications, and illustrations. These new, highly readable chapters cover an assortment of signal processing topics such as digital filtering, spectrum analysis, specialized signal generation, high-speed function approximation, and more. While rich in the specialized DSP tips and tricks that make it a valuable resource for experienced working engineers, this book also contains sufficient fundamental DSP theory and simple mathematics to make it accessible to students.

This is so much more than just another DSP textbook—it bridges the theory-to-practice gap and gives practicing engineers and computer programmers the useful, real-life tips, tricks, and techniques they need to make DSP hardware and software designs operate faster, with improved accuracy and increased computational efficiency.

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