01 september 2007

Laughing Robots

Robots with humor. Papa joe hello papa joe, papa joe (the song is familiar, the singer is new and shining...).
PS The Robot is on the right...
Our goal is not simply to develop a robot comedian; rather, we aim to develop a robot that can interact with humans on a daily basis, and humor is one element that will enhance that communication and make it more enjoyable. PaPe-jiro's behaviors, such as pronouncing tongue-twisters at breakneck speed, suddenly issuing warnings at odd times, reading one's girlfriend's email aloud in guy's voice even though he has promised to read it in her voice, or giving car navigation commands "should have turned right at the light", use comedy to enhance the abilities or features of latest robots as well as the stereotyped images of typical robots. The fashion-forward dress first displayed at a fashion show or the cutting-edge car making its debut at an auto show may not be suitable or practical for actual use. However, once this initial, symbolic design is produced and displayed, the next step in the process is to adapt the design for mainstream use. In the same way, the first step in developing PaPe-jiro is to create a robot with a sense of humor, and the next step is to enable PaPe-jiro to converse naturally with humans in daily life. This is the focus of our continuing research on PaPe-jiro, as we strive towards developing "robot-human communication" with a humorous bent.

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