24 maart 2008

Working memory: do not forget to work

But first read about it here. Maybe equipped with this knowledge You will be able to beat the chimp...
Synaptic Theory of Working Memory Gianluigi Mongillo, Omri Barak, Misha Tsodyks Science 319, 1543 (2008); It is usually assumed that enhanced spiking activity in the form of persistent reverberation for several seconds is the neural correlate of working memory. Here, we propose that working memory is sustained by calcium-mediated synaptic facilitation in the recurrent connections of neocortical networks. In this account, the presynaptic residual calcium is used as a buffer that is loaded, refreshed, and read out by spiking activity. Because of the long time constants of calcium kinetics, the refresh rate can be low, resulting in a mechanism that is metabolically efficient and robust. The duration and stability of working memory can be regulated by modulating the spontaneous activity in the network. Thanks to my good friend Dr Paul V. for pointing this one out.
Muy obrigado !
PS One must be subscribed to Science in order to gain acces to the complete article. The links allow You acces to the abstract.

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