15 oktober 2008

EEG and dq fractal dimension

A very interesting article by Fred Abraham. Must read ! Terry Marks-Tarlow mentioned this article on CHAOPSYC, the discussion listserver at UVM owned by me, David Houston, and Bob Porter and shared with the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences (and open to all). I inquired about this paper because I wondered what kind of metabolic measures that she mentioned might have the temporal-spatial resolution necessary to answer the kinds of questions on cognition that Terry was concerned with. Terry later told me it was EEG, not metabolic measures, so my initial inquiry was already answered, as I am familiar with EEG. However, the article seemed to offer innovational data-analytical and graphic methods that deserve a more careful exmination This review represents my inquiry into the issues involved. It was a challenge due to my mathematical limitations, and should be considered as raising questions, not as an authoritative critique. I suggest ways to develop its usefulness based on my own ideas and on those of Sprott. read on....

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