20 november 2008


EPIC XV Call for Proposals

The Program Committee invites submissions of paper and symposia for EPIC XV on a wide range of topics. Themes include cognition and memory, sensory and motor processes, emotion and personality, motor control, neuropsychiatric disorders, functional genomics, cellular mechanisms, intracranial recording, multimodal imaging, and signal and source analysis. Presentations will include single papers and symposium. All abstracts will be submitted through the website link below. The deadline for receipt of symposium submissions is Monday, November 17, 2008, and notification of decisions can be expected by January 15, 2009. The deadline for receipt of abstracts for single papers is Monday, January 12, 2009, and notification of decisions can be expected by February 28, 2009. If a paper or symposium is accepted, presenters will need to preregister for the conference.

Presentation Formats.

Single paper presentations. Submissions consist of a 250 word abstract which describes aims, methods, results, and conclusions for a study. Single papers will be scheduled as either an oral presentation as part of a symposium, or as a poster. Please indicate your preference for an oral or poster presentation when submitting the abstract. However, the Program Commmittee will make a final decision regarding the presentation format. Symposia. Symposia will be 90 minutes in length and include several speakers on a related topic. The formats are flexible, and include the following options. Four fifteen minute or three 20 minute presentations can be followed by a moderated discussion of the topic. The discussant may be the chair, or additional participant. Symposia consisting of four 20 minute presentations may be submitted, but this will allow very limited time for discussion. Each Symposium submission will begin with an abstract which describes the symposium as a whole followed by individual abstracts for each presentation. No abstract is required for the discussant.

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