20 februari 2010

A wee dram of Formol ?

Drunk on Alcohol? When you drink alcohol and get drunk, are you getting drunk on alcohol? Read on the neurosceptic Blog (cfr see comments) My comment: There is much evidence for "Acetaldehydism" instead of "ethylism" but other evidence still supports a mutual cause (ethanol + acetaldehyde). In testing the effect on people one should take care as dose effects are important and very different in younger versus older people. Where in older people the sedation effects tend to become more important (at higher dose) in youngsters the excitation effects continue even in higher dose levels. Then again we all know those patients who on disulfiram have managed to take small dosoes of it together with low dose alcohol to experience that ebriety effect at much lower "cost" (depend on how one defines "cost". :-). it is rare but exists. So maybe the acetaldehyde story could be a lead to consider for therapeutic implications ?

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