28 maart 2010


Last week I was invited to give a talk in the beautifull city of Bruges on Neuroplasticity. Of course I talked about Cajall, Merzenich,  Ramachandran,  Bach-Y-Rita, Eric Kandell and so many other pioneers of this fascinating field that bridges the gap between mind and brain. However I did not talk about arts and music and unfortunately nobody came up with a question about the essence of this. Yet if one recalls Bob Thatchers talk of resonance we know intuitively what causes the "good vibrations" that tickle our our pyramidal cells and make us feel "good".

There is a better speaker then me to convey this message. So please, by all means take a 15 min. break and attend Mr.  Robert Gupta and his talk+performance on TED.  This is what real therapy should be about.


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