17 maart 2010

When it all begun...

People who are deep into neurophysiology and clinical neurosciences do realise the power of our social brains, that perhaps more then anything else have shapen the world of culture and communication as we know it today. Endeavour, bravery and adventure have been the endophenotypes of these instantiations. But sometimes it is good to grasp the dimensionality of this marvelous adventure of mankind by embedding in it's journey and sailing with the pioneers that explored the seven seas. What better guide could one wish then Mr Luc Cuyvers who will point out those pages in history that no one else has shown us before. This is not only a guide of high intelligence, expert knowledge and life long experience  but also a man who is fully conscious of the marvel and has the unique talent to share this with us. Let's sail away to MN  films and ... turn on your sound system (hear that splendid music).


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