02 juli 2010

I can feel my hart beat

When rest is important to a patient, being rigged up to a heart monitor or disrupted whilst they sleep and having a cold stethoscope placed on their chest isn’t ideal. To get around this problem, a team of scientists at the University of Sussex, UK have successfully developed sensors that are able to detect a heartbeat up to a meter away. The Electric Potential Sensors (EPS) are the world’s first electrical sensors able to monitor heartbeats accurately whilst patients relax in their bed, or rest at home. This breakthrough device gives medical teams and health workers the chance to administer patient-friendly monitoring with minimum impact on mobility or personal space. Read More

Although this looks like fantasy, the FAST program by the Homeland Defence Department is developing such a system aimed at SPOTTING suspect individuals at airports. What could be more suspect then a fast hartbeat at an airport where stress is virtually absent....

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