18 augustus 2010

The butterfly is by Lorentz, I presume

Key Features
•Large variety of analytical methods explained for the non-expert

•Novel classification scheme for psychophysics experiments

•New software package for collecting and analyzing psychophysical data

•Pros and cons of different psychophysical procedures

•Practical tips for designing psychophysical experiments

Psychophysics is the primary scientific tool for understanding how the physical world of colors, sounds, odors, movements and shapes translates into the sensory world of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell - in other words, how matter translates into mind. This book is the first to combine into a single volume the principles underlying the science of psychophysical measurement and the practical tools necessary to analyze data from psychophysical experiments. Written in a style that makes even the trickiest concepts and procedures accessible to the non-expert, this book is essential reading both for newcomers to the field as well as seasoned practitioners.

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