20 oktober 2011

The future of neuropsychiatry

At a time when most pharmaceutical compagnies tend to withdraw from the field of neuropsychiatry (to much generics , to little time to gain and to complex the field) some will take the torch to hold it high and lighten the path that we can and should all take to port neuroscientific psychiatry into the future. Janssen Pharmaceutica (J&J) has done this with honor and valor and today have shown at the Guislain Museum that they are committed to people and truly care for mental health just as their founder Dr Paul Janssen (haldol, Risperidone...) did before. What a great day that was. A day of dreams and hope but also a day of inspiration and energy for us neuroscientists, now that we know we are not alone in carrying forward this honorable Hippocratic visison.
There were speeches from many prominent people but especially Gen. Br. R.Stockman, ex senator Patrick Kennedy and especially Dr.Manji (cfr picture; head of Neuroscience research at J&J) to inspire and motivate us. This day was pivotal in my mind.

Thanks to all You for keeping the dreams of Dr. J.Guislain, Kan. Triest and the legendary Dr Pol, alive.

I am really impressed, grateful and proud to have been there.


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