07 juni 2012

Dead of the First Martian

Ray Bradbury, the author of the Martian Chronicles (it's called SF but in fact this is pure poetry in writing) has passed away on 5 th of june. Born in 1920 he became 91. Fahrenheit 451 made him famous.

Read the story in SA Blog:

If science fiction is kids’ gateway drug to science—and it surely was mine— then Ray Bradbury is a major pusher, in the ranks of H. G. Wells, Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein and Philip K. Dick. Although they made us curious and celebrated rational thought, they didn’t gloss over the ramifications of scientific discovery and technological progress. And they did give us Earthbound types places to go and worlds to explore and a future full of possibilities—and all of them as close as the nearest bookstore or library. Bradbury, who started as a writer for pulp fiction magazines, was one of the science fiction authors who made the genre “respectable” literature.

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