12 december 2012

Karl Pribam: a living legend and a networked brain hero. Visit his site where intelligence and kindness meet

A visit to this treasure cove site (thanks Alexei) is simply a MUST. Meet an ever enthousiastic young man whose encyclopedic intelligence and human kindness is legend. A roll model for everyone.

Go to the site

Read Mr Robert Thatchers testimony:

"Alexei - Thank you for sharing Karl Pribam's CV. He is a stellar scientist and clinician with many important contributions during a long period of time. I was fortunate to have Karl as part of my Ph.D. dissertation thesis committee as an outside participant (1970) and he has been a friend ever since. He is a warm and engaging person that is always delighted by new discoveries and challenging concepts. His contributions to our understanding of top-down vs bottom-up networks predates the more popular rediscovery of these dynamics. In 1967, Spinelli and Pribram showed that the receptive fields are dramatically altered and in different directions by frontal lobe vs temporal lobe stimulation. Frontal lobe stimulation expanded the receptive fields and temporal lobe stimulation contracted the receptive fields. His hollogram concept of the brain had a big impact and his more recent quantum mechanical interests are also very stimulating. This is on top of his many contributions on limbic-cortical networks and behavior"

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