14 januari 2014

Nautilus waits for Oculus


g.Nautilus is g.tec’s new wireless biosignal acquisition system. Its design is completely different from all other devices and it sets a new standard of usability. The tiny and lightweight device is attached to the EEG cap to avoid cable movements and to allow completely free movements. In combination with g.tec’s active electrode technology, you will get top quality EEG recordings from 32/16/8 channels within few minutes. Just put on the cap, add a bit of gel in each electrode, and start your recording. A dry electrode version based on the worldwide proven g.SAHARA electrodes is also available. g.Nautilus has a built-in lithium ion battery, which allows for continuous recordings of up to 8 hours. The battery is recharged via a contactless charging pad within 2-3 hours. The device is completely waterproof, which allows easy cleaning of the electrodes together with the cap, with no need to disconnect or disassemble anything! g.Nautilus transmits data via the 2.4 GHz band with an indoor operating range of about 10 m. The input sensitivity of all channels is adjustable and the sampling rate can be set to 250 Hz or 500 Hz. An electrode impedance check can be performed automatically via software, and a 3-axis acceleration sensor provides online head movement information along with the biosignals.
The base station for g.Nautilus is just a small receiver box connected to the PC via USB. 8 digital trigger lines can be connected to the base station to record event timing information. g.Nautilus comes with a 32-channel EEG setup (10/20 system), but subsets with different electrode arrangements are available on request.

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