24 september 2014

Crescent Bay times have come to this world

As a first hand developer for Oculus Rift I am glad to announce the coming at age of Crescent bay.

We do not yet have a full blown commercial outfit (must get rid of some cable) but this will be real soon now...

The world of Virtual reality has come amazingly real

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Some first hand experieces during the LA exhibit

First hands-on: Crescent Bay demo
I just tested the Oculus Crescent Bay prototype at the Oculus Connect event in LA.

I still can't close my mouth.

The demo lasted about 10 min, during which several scenes were presented. The resolution and framerate are astounding, you can turn completely around. I can say this is the first time in my life I can really say I was there.

I believe this is really the begin of a new era for VR, and I am sure I won't sleep tonight thinking about the infinite possibilities and applications of this technology. and I don't think I am exaggerating - if anything, I am underestimating

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