12 februari 2016

How big a number is 52!

There are 52! (52 factorial) ways to arrange the cards. That’s calculated as 52 x 51 x 50 x 49 x … x 2 x 1 and totals an extremely large number.

Scott Czepiel has come up with a story to explain just how large of a number it is, and to give you an idea, this is how the story begins: Start by setting a timer to count down from 52! seconds. Now, choose a spot on the equator and take one step every billion years. Once you have made it around the earth, remove a single drop from the Pacific Ocean and then walk around the Earth again. Continue doing the same thing over and over until the ocean is empty. Once all of that is done, you won’t even have made a dent in the amount of time left on the timer.

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