08 december 2012

BOC: Brain on Chip

While we all might have thought thta the first artificial brain would be the offspring of deep blue it seems that something completely different our way is coming. SPAUN is here and the video is there to proof that a serious competitor has arrived.

Using a supercomputer, the researchers modeled the mammalian brain in close detail, capturing its properties, overall structure and connectivity down to the very fine details of each neuron – including which neurotransmitters are used, how voltages are generated in the cell, and how they communicate – into a very large and resource-intensive computer simulation.

Then, they hardwired into the system the instructions to perform eight different tasks that involved different forms of high-level cognitive functions, such as abstraction. Tasks included handwriting recognition, answering questions, addition by counting, and even the kind of completion of symbolic patterns that often appears in intelligence tests.

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